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You Too can Blossom Regardless Of Your Surrounding

  • Get One On One Attention

    Get your challenges addressed quickly. You can achieve your life's goals faster.

  • Individualized Game Plan For Your Goals

    Take the actions that are right for you in your life at this moment. You get to travel your own unique, personal pathway to success.

  • In-depth Self Analysis Evaluation

    Know your exact strengths and areas for improvement. You can realize your unique potential and surpass your goals fast.

  • Develop An Unbeatable Mindset

    Meet and overcome any challenge life throws at you. You will live an extraordinarily balanced life in all the areas that matter, including family, health, wealth, and spirituality.

Are all aspects of your life balanced?

Take a 360 degree view of your life?
If it is less than 7, there is room for improvements and growth!

What My Wonderful Clients Say About Working with Me

  • Hi, Teuta has been great helping me navigate a relationship and find my answers. She really listens and tries to understand the root cause of the events, she is there to look for your well being and share with you tools how to overcome stressful unanswered relationship questions. I highly recommend Teuta if you need someone authentic and with a kind soul approach coach to help you see the light and the vision. Thanks so much for your help!

    Katya Tarus
  • Teuta is full of wisdom and inspiration. She is full of knowledge and people skills and knows how to work with people. I have been fortunate to have her as my mentor. She listens very carefully and give practical effective solutions that are necessary for one's growth and transformation. Her global experience and exposure allows her to understand people with different backgrounds and cultures. Furthermore, one of the most important traits I have experienced working with Teuta is that she has a compassionate heart and is very empathetic to people and that part makes her a great life coach.

    Faisal Khan

Teuta's Story

Teuta Shabani Towler

Mother, daughter, sister, friend, life coach, speaker, author, marketing consultant, and a non-profit volunteer.

They say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!
In my life when I experienced the worst pain and challenges it’s when I grew stronger. Once I grew stronger and learned how to solve those problems, I couldn’t keep it to myself.

After all, who wants to drink all that lemonade alone. I want to share my experience and education with others.

Connections, contribution and growth have always been my main values and every time I compromised on those values, it’s when my life went backwards instead of forward.
We’re always faced with some type of challenge and sometimes we can’t deal with it. The fear of uncertainty keeps us stuck in the same old patterns in our lives.
We may reach a goal but when we get there, we’re not happier than we were before.
In my coaching practice, I help my clients test their dreams and then coach them to enjoy the journey and reach their goals in all aspects of their lives. Some people focus on their jobs but start loosing connection with their families and compromise their health. This is why it’s important to have a coach to see your potential wins and losses from a 360-degree angle.
You can’t see yourself when you’re inside of the picture frame.
Let me elevate you high enough so you can see your own potential.
Schedule a 30-minute FREE breakthrough coaching session one on one with me and test your dream.