Three-Day Gratitude Challenge and Goal Setting for 2023

Dec. 13, 14, and 15, 2022
12 - 1:00 pm EST.

Plant seeds now to sow the benefits in 2023 to improve your Health, Finances and Relationship
$888 Value for only $28.88

Everyone I know wants great health, financial freedom and a deep loving relationship with their partner or family. But most people struggle with one or more of those areas and don’t live a happy fulfilled life.

You focus on losing weight but then you end up spending money on the gym, organic food or self care activities. You spent time away from your partner or your family which is affecting your love connection and your budget.

Or you focus so much on your work and have financial freedom but you don’t have time for workout, your partner and family. So your health is sliding and you don’t feel good about yourself and your partner is drifting away.

Or you have time for your partner, you workout together and have an amazing health and relationship but struggle financially. So you start stressing about the bills and expenses, you cut back on your healthy options which affects your health and hopefully your relationship doesn’t take a toll too. Financial stress can help strengthen or break your relationship. Unfortunately for many people, it is the latest.

Are you tired of feeling like life should be better than this?

So, what does it take to have great health, financial freedom and a deep connection with your partner and family?

There are many ways to do it but it starts with a simple shift in your mindset that:

You can have it all
You deserve to have it all
You can have it all at the same time

Most people make New Year Eve resolutions but very few are able to stick to the plan for the entire year. This is why it’s important to start ahead of time with simple steps to make changes in your life. Everyone’s journey is different and I want to help you start where you’re at now and start to make plans to where you want to be in 2023.

This is why I’m offering a Gratitude Challenge and  2023 Goal Setting

It’s a three-day group session worth $888 offering for only $28.88 to help you shift your mindset, get motivated, and have a plan for better health, more money, and better relationships.


health icon Dec. 13,2022; 12-1 pm Est
Health and Wellness:
Mind and body transformation
Financial Dec 14, 2022; 12-1 pm EST
and Money freedom
Relationship icon Dec 15, 2022; 12-1 pm EST
Relationship: self love, deepen your connection
with your partner and your family.
So, stop day dreaming and wishing for better health, more money in your bank account, or love in your life and start doing something about it. It's a small step in the right direction. Only one hour a day for three days to start planting the seeds now and sow great results in 2023.

Stop with the excuses and register now.