Leadership Gold Mastermind

Every Wednesday
March 15 – May 17, 2023
12:00 to  1:30 pm est.

Live Online

Cost $444, does not include the book.

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This is a ten-week mastermind based on John Maxwell’s book Leadership Gold.

As a leader, you will never get ahead until your people are behind you.

If you are a CEO, Vice President, Business Owner, Manager, Director, or someone in a professional leadership position that wants to grow professionally while also building a strong team in their organization, this Mastermind Group is the perfect opportunity for you.

Emerging leaders will love the foundation the Leadership Gold Mastermind Group provides. Experienced leaders will enjoy the insights and examples and will want to use the materials to develop the next generation of leaders on their teams. Remember, good leadership always makes a difference!

It has turned around organizations and positively impact the lives of thousands of individuals.

John C. Maxwell wants to help all of us become the smartest leaders we can be by sharing Leadership Gold with us. After nearly forty years of leading, John has mined the gold so we don’t have to. Each gold nugget is one of twenty-six chapters designed to be a time of mentorship from one of the world’s most renowned leadership experts, John C. Maxwell.




If it’s lonely at the top, you’re not doing something right.


The toughest person to lead is always yourself.

Defining moments define your leadership.

When you get kicked in the rear, you know you’re out in front


Never work a day in your life

The best leaders are listeners

get in the zone and stay there


A leader’s first responsibility is to define reality

To see how the leaders are doing, look at the people

Don’t send your ducks at the eagle school


Keep your mind on the main thing

Your biggest mistake is not asking what mistakes you’re making

Don’t manage your time, manage your life


Keep learning to keep leading

Leaders distinguish themselves during tough times

People quit people, not companies


Experience is not the best teacher

The secret to good meeting is the meeting before the meeting

Be a connector, not just a climber


The choices you make, make you

Influence should be loaned but never given

For everything you gain, you give up something


Those who start the journey with you seldom finish with you

Few leaders are successful unless a lot of people want them to be

You only get answers to the questions you ask


People will summarize your life in one sentence – pick it now!

Wrap up.



You will receive a pdf study guides that will assist in your weekly readings; thoroughly preparing you for the weekly conversations and allowing you to maximize your already busy schedule. By exploring & deep-diving into these chapters you will begin to understand that leadership & growth is a lifelong pursuit and is the key to living your life to its maximum capacity.


For 90 minutes each week, you will surround yourself with 10 other like-minded individuals who are vested in transformational leadership & growth. By being involved in this Mastermind you will soon learn that you are not alone in your journey. We all struggle with fear, uncertainty, & limiting beliefs. This group will give you the weekly support & accountability we all need from time to time.

Teuta Shabani towler, life coach, Maxwell Leadership certified coach, speaker and trainer.

I’m Teuta Shabani Towler, your host for the Leadership Gold Mastermind. Maxwell Leaderships Certified Coach, Speaker, and Trainer.

My passion and mission is to lift people up to be happy, reach their goals, be at peace with themselves, and become peaceful doers in this crazy & amazing world!

When we work on ourselves and show up as the best version of ourselves everyone around us benefits. We have the power as leaders to influence positive change and we might just make this world a better place for all of us.

Join me and ten other leaders to learn and grow together.

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The Peaceful Doers
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Mark RichieMark Richie
18:07 05 Jan 23
I have been a coaching client of Teuta Towler for one year. I thought a coach could help me accomplish some goals where I felt stuck. That was true, but I gained much more than just accomplishments. I have learned how to live better and look forward to more of the same.
Tracy PalmatierTracy Palmatier
14:43 01 Jan 22
With a busy life and schedule, I lost focus on important small steps to help me attain higher goals and dreams. Teuta gently guided our group through a three week Gratitude Challenge. We focused on health, relationships, and finances. Teuta helped guide me though mindful exercises - which I now think about daily and can easily apply into my busy life. The platform was easy to use and there was never any pressure to make comments to the group. I highly recommend The Peaceful Doers for professional guidance toward personal goals.
Laura GlatzLaura Glatz
20:13 20 Dec 21
I had a coaching experience with Teuta in a small group setting. She is a calming voice and positive influencer that shares her personal experiences that helped me to be open about my goals, dreams and mindset. I've had a huge shift in my money mindset using exercises that she used in our sessions. I highly recommend The Peaceful Doers to work with from a personal and business perspective.
BeBodyStrongVibes BSBBeBodyStrongVibes BSB
17:17 20 Dec 21
The peaceful Doers energy help me navigate my ability to understand what commitment and love is to myself and my partner. During our gratitude challenge workshop I enjoyed the interactive exercises and positive uplifting space to discuss hard topics. I felt the sense of peace and belonging to discuss my personal struggles.I highly recommend anyone to try Teuta's coaching style if you are looking for someone to open up a new shifted perspective.Thank you!
Amanda SokolskyAmanda Sokolsky
02:27 07 Jun 21
I attended Teuta's "Put Your Dream to the Test" Mastermind based on Jon Maxwell's book (same title). Walking into it, I felt like I had the basics and needed help in the details. When I completed the Mastermind, I was amazed by how revisiting the basics really helped me solidify my vision, dream, and worth. I now know what it will cost and what my dream is worth. I was able to reassure myself in my beliefs and really ask myself the hard questions with Teuta’s help. It was such great insight, and it was worth every minute and commitment to do it. I really appreciated this Mastermind and hope to see more to come!
The Peaceful Doers