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Did you know that 79% of employees say life’s hassles affect their happiness and productivity at work?

What happens at home, doesn’t always stay at home. Employees who have problems with their health, relationships, family, and money often bring their negative energy to work. They have a hard time focusing and often overreact to the smallest disagreements with co-workers or customers.

Since the mass shooting at the Walmart in Chesapeake, VA where a supervisor shot his team members, has triggered fear and anxiety among coworkers in many companies. Not knowing what’s going on in each other’s lives, not knowing who to trust, and possibly not feeling safe at work is a heavy weight on employees’ backs.

Companies that value their employees invest in their well-being, and team building always benefits from a better work environment and more productivity.

This is why companies are investing in coaching and training their leadership and staff to learn tools and strategies to handle stress, life-work balance, support each other, and foster a safe work environment. 

If we want to change the world, start by working on each individual and then as a collective.

Two Hours Workshop in Person

  • Learn breathing exercises that help handle different emotions
  • How to find and release stress in the body exercise
  • Team assessment using an NLP method (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
  • Assessment of personal identity & self-beliefs, reframing mindset work  
  • Personal assessment of health and weight beliefs, reframing mindset work, tools and strategies for improving health and weight, an action plan to take it with them for the rest of the year and possibly their life 
  • Personal assessment of the romantic relationship, reframing mindset work, tools and strategies to improve their relationship with their partner, or attract a new partner. Action plan for the rest of the year or their life. 
  • Personal assessment of the finances. A reframing mindset works for a better relationship with money, tools, and strategies to improve their financial situation. Action plan to work on the budget and goals for the rest of the year and possibly their life.
  • Team building exercise
  • Action plan for respecting and honoring each other’s emotions and triggers, fostering a safe environment
  • A motivational exercise for change to become a peaceful being and a peaceful doer employee
  • Q&A

Who is this workshop for?

  • Government agencies: counties, municipalities, towns, etc 
  • Businesses with more than 5 employees
  • Non-Profit Organizations  


Why hire me to teach this workshop? 

I’m professionally trained and certified by the leading expert in the leadership and personal development industry, John Maxwell, now rebranded as Maxwell Leadership.

I’m on a mission to influence and empower people to become peaceful doers and peaceful beings so that together we can make the world a better place.

This world needs more kind and peaceful doers. 

Change starts with each person working on themselves. By bringing the best version of themselves to their relationships, to their families, to their workspace, to their communities, and to the world.

Change is not easy for most people but those who are hungry for change will do the hard work to achieve results.

I have an excellent track record of bringing results to my clients whether through one-on-one coaching, group coaching, or workshops.

I’ve changed careers seven times.  Each one led me to the next equipping me with knowledge and experiences that I can add value to my coaching and training clients.

I’ve been through the war where I lost family members and friends, all material possessions, a refugee in the middle of nowhere, scared and hungry and hurt.

I’ve self-healed from PTSD.
In 2019 I found out I had a 6 cm ovarian benign tumor that was extremely painful.  While waiting for the surgery I turned to self-healing using alternative medicine. In six months that thing was gone, shocking the surgeon and my doctor.

I went through a divorce and now raising two amazing teenagers who always keep me on my toes.

Through all of the challenging experiences, I gained amazing lessons, which made me a stronger and better person. Despite witnessing horrifying violence, I never lost hope and faith in human beings. Everyone has great potential to be great and do great things in the world with the right amount of training and support.

Let us grow together and become peaceful doers to make the world a better place. 


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Mark RichieMark Richie
18:07 05 Jan 23
I have been a coaching client of Teuta Towler for one year. I thought a coach could help me accomplish some goals where I felt stuck. That was true, but I gained much more than just accomplishments. I have learned how to live better and look forward to more of the same.
Tracy PalmatierTracy Palmatier
14:43 01 Jan 22
With a busy life and schedule, I lost focus on important small steps to help me attain higher goals and dreams. Teuta gently guided our group through a three week Gratitude Challenge. We focused on health, relationships, and finances. Teuta helped guide me though mindful exercises - which I now think about daily and can easily apply into my busy life. The platform was easy to use and there was never any pressure to make comments to the group. I highly recommend The Peaceful Doers for professional guidance toward personal goals.
Laura GlatzLaura Glatz
20:13 20 Dec 21
I had a coaching experience with Teuta in a small group setting. She is a calming voice and positive influencer that shares her personal experiences that helped me to be open about my goals, dreams and mindset. I've had a huge shift in my money mindset using exercises that she used in our sessions. I highly recommend The Peaceful Doers to work with from a personal and business perspective.
BeBodyStrongVibes BSBBeBodyStrongVibes BSB
17:17 20 Dec 21
The peaceful Doers energy help me navigate my ability to understand what commitment and love is to myself and my partner. During our gratitude challenge workshop I enjoyed the interactive exercises and positive uplifting space to discuss hard topics. I felt the sense of peace and belonging to discuss my personal struggles.I highly recommend anyone to try Teuta's coaching style if you are looking for someone to open up a new shifted perspective.Thank you!
Amanda SokolskyAmanda Sokolsky
02:27 07 Jun 21
I attended Teuta's "Put Your Dream to the Test" Mastermind based on Jon Maxwell's book (same title). Walking into it, I felt like I had the basics and needed help in the details. When I completed the Mastermind, I was amazed by how revisiting the basics really helped me solidify my vision, dream, and worth. I now know what it will cost and what my dream is worth. I was able to reassure myself in my beliefs and really ask myself the hard questions with Teuta’s help. It was such great insight, and it was worth every minute and commitment to do it. I really appreciated this Mastermind and hope to see more to come!
The Peaceful Doers