Peaceful Together – Team Building

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When employees are stressed at home or at work they are not as productive as they can be. Invest in your employees’ personal & professional development to bring positive energy and productivity to work. 

Two Hours Workshop

  • Team assessment using an NLP method (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
  • Guided Meditation
  • Find stress in the body
  • Releasing stress
  • Tools and strategies for managing stress
  • Tools and strategies to manage life-work balance
  • Writing exercise
  • A reframing mindset exercise for a peaceful being and a peaceful doer employee
  • Team building exercise
  • Q&A

Workshop benefits

  • Understanding your team member’s ways of responding and reacting
  • Team members will know each other’s triggers and can work together to foster a safe and peaceful environment
  • Team members will take away tools and strategies that will help them in stressful situations at work and at home.
  • Positive mindset and positive energy
  • Team members bond and feel safe with each other

Who is this workshop for?

  • Government agencies: counties, municipalities, towns, etc 
  • Businesses with more than 5 employees
  • Non-Profit Organizations 

If you’d like to discuss this opportunity, please schedule a free call.

The Peaceful Doers